The History of the Gold Mesh Jewels

Andriolo Sergio appeared for the first time in the goldsmith’s art in 1952

creating original pressed objects such as pendants, bracelets, necklaces

and many others. These creations have been modeled in the wake of forties

40′, never forgetting national trade which is one of the most valid style

tendency instrument. 1969 is the starting point for a gradual reckon version

of the production and the beginning of a new style which, since than,

has become a special logo that distinguishes our goods…

That led the company to the title of “The Best Gold Mesh”.

In 1987 Andriolo Sergio COI pursues his adventure with the daughter Fiorenza

and her husband Franco, to whom the hosting of the company has now

been entrusted. Formal research keeps going on moving with the times and

trying to pay attention to the trend and to women’s expectation.

New vigor, original shapes and innovative working procedures have recently

allowed enlarging the collection; original handmade articles are marked by

pure and rigorous lines contrasting with sophisticated shapes.