The result of many years of experience…

and we can boast

    … three generations in the Gold Mesh Jewels
    … new designs for every event
    … customized jewels
    and we do it with passion !!!

Gold Mesh Jewels since 1952

Simple lines from sinuous decorations with new fantasies.

Balanced mixture of yellow, white and red is though to create an endless

color joust; bright chromatic symphonies stress the jocosity of this trend

where functionality and balance are priority aims.












Harmony becomes a life style

Little particulars create wonderful stylistic refinements; great attention

is given to the aesthetics.

We enhance the simplicity of materials and the accurate fittings as only

craftsmen do in their creations, so as to confirm these values once more.












Handmade in Italy with passion!!!

This is the Made in Italy, the answer of Andriolo Sergio Coi to the new charm

of jewels as evidence of the modern life style and consistent with the future.